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SKF Global Consulting, founded by Steven Friedlander, is a provider of comprehensive green building solutions for properties of any size, in all sectors of commerce – including:

  • commercial buildings/private real estate
  • stadiums
  • schools (elementary, secondary, higher education)
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • industrial/manufacturing
  • residential (multi-family, apartment, condominium)
  • government (local, state, federal)

Our services, which require zero capital outlay from property owners, utilize the world’s most advanced sustainability technologies, allowing you to:

  • lower your operating costs
  • increase the equity value of your property
  • reduce waste and improve the efficiency of your operations
  • enhance the health quality of your properties for your tenants, your tenants’ employees, and your tenants’ customers
  • promote the social responsibility and sustainability of your properties
  • boost the image/perception of your properties in the marketplace

SKF Global’s capital funding partners can help deliver our services to you with zero upfront investment, and we can secure all available rebates and tax credits to help you attain immediate ROI.