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SKF Global Consulting offers the following sustainability services and solutions to our clients:

Certification – We’ll guide, advise, and direct your organization through all aspects of attaining sustainability certification for your new or existing properties, including:

  • achieving LEED® credentials
  • earning the ENERGY STAR® label

Code Compliance - We can help you meet full compliance with federal, state, local and building code requirements (including Local Law 87 work in New York City).

Energy Consulting – We’ll help you determine the most sensible and cost-effective energy usage strategies that are specific to your new or existing properties.

Sustainability Consulting – We’ll help you to develop achievable and maintainable sustainability strategies for your new or existing properties, including:

  • attaining a high performance energy profile
  • certification for LEED® or ENERGY STAR®
  • creating the groundwork for future green capital upgrades

Unique Technologies – We can assess the fit of revolutionary sustainability technologies for your new or existing properties that deliver significant ROI, including: 

  • proprietary lifecycle optimization software
  • lighting and solar solutions
  • unique pipe-lining technology
  • air cleaners and air handler systems
  • energy management systems